We talk a lot about the attendee view of IT/Dev Connections, and don’t often provide details about what its like to be a sponsor of the conference. But, there’s some awesome data points from which sponsors and potential sponsors can derive huge benefit.

There are those partners that have sponsored this conference in the past that will tell you how refreshing it is to know immediately they are connecting with the right people. There are many conferences available, but none that brings together a laser-focused target group like IT/Dev Connections does. These attendees are sharp, intelligent and deeply technical and are the last line of defense in their companies for choosing to adopt specific services and solutions. If you sell these folks on your solution…you’re golden.

Here’s a few key notions to consider…

Sponsors get a bigger spotlight – IT/Dev Connections is not a mega keynote conference with 20,000 or more attendees, so neither attendees NOR sponsors get lost in the crowd.

All sponsors can make a big impact – If your company has ever exhibited at a mega-event, you know how utterly hard it is to connect with attendees. It’s not that way at IT/Dev Connections. We develop our community events around our sponsors and work together to customize the sponsor experience.

Sponsors connect with the right people – As I noted already, due to our content and our content strategy, IT/Dev Connections attracts the smartest, most knowledgeable IT Pros and Developers in the industry. These folks are highly adept and are in attendance to solve their company’s technical problems. They know what they want and what they need, which leads to highly efficient engagement. Imagine walking into a customer sales meeting, giving a 2-minute product overview, and everyone in the room completely understands the full breadth of your solution. It’s like that.

Sponsors get noticed and remembered – Becoming a sponsor of IT/Dev Connections is like joining an elite community. One of the pieces about IT/Dev Connections that we’re extra proud of is how this loyal community comes together more like friends than colleagues. These friendships are long-lasting and a lot of times extend beyond the event week. And, this seeps into sponsorship. Attendees want to know you, want to learn your actual names, and want to be able to count on you for help. It’s much easier to communicate the value of your solutions to someone you know than a total stranger.

Sponsors can get more – When’s the last time you were able to attend an actual session at a conference to connect with potential customers one-on-one? There’s absolutely no better way to understand what your potential customers are experiencing daily and what issues are driving them nuts than to sit at ground level with them. Since IT/Dev Connections is not a mega-conference with an exhibit hall the size of a Wright Patterson Air Force Base hangar, you can actually step away and attend a session or two instead of forced to sit at a booth all day long hoping someone shows interest. You go to the attendees instead of just sitting, waiting for them to come to you. And, who knows? Your company’s next BIG THING could come from an idea obtained from a technical session and be designed to immediately solve a customer problem. Can you imagine how valuable that would be to a willing audience?


One recent sponsor said this…

To quickly sum up, I believe IT/Dev Connections is far more intensive, technical, cohesive and magical than any other Microsoft conference I’ve ever attended.

That’s a solid stamp of approval – from a sponsor, no less.


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