Over the past few days since the delivery of the on-demand sessions from IT/Dev Connections 2017, we’ve had a few inquiries about potential issues with a few sessions. The reported issues have all now been resolved.

From our provider…


These two were flip flopped:

1043: TSQL Coding Techniques – Are you Playing with Fire?  –  8:00AM  Franciscan B  Curnutt
1041: Anything but: Troubleshooting when it’s not SQL Server – 8:00AM  Franciscan C  DeBow

These two were flip flopped:

1086: Squeezing the Hardware to Make Performance Juice – 9:15AM  Franciscan B  Goldshtein
1088: Why Don’t you Understand me? Build Intelligence into your Apps – 9:15AM  Franciscan C  Stiller

These two were flip flopped:

1090: How Unit Testing Frameworks Hurt your Unit Testing Efforts – 11:00AM  Franciscan B  Helper
1012: Traditional Infrastructure in the Cloud – Lipstick on a Pig? – 11:00AM  Franciscan C  O’Brien


These are the two sessions we thought had no audio – Restored (Pending Website Update which should happen today)

1157: H@cking & D3t3ction in Windows Environments – 1:15PM  Franciscan C  Moe
1197: Upgrading from SQL Server 2008/R2 – 3:00PM  Franciscan C  Duncan


Additionally, there’s a couple sessions that were identified during review that had no audio. These are the two sessions that actually had No Audio – Deleted (Pending Website Update which should happen today)

1015: In Depth Introduction to Docker Orchestrator – 1:15PM  Franciscan B  Peterson
1017: Precision Monitoring with the Windows Performance Toolkit – 3:00PM  Franciscan B  Mackenzie-Low