We’re on the eve of the first-ever TechNet Virtual Conference (#TechNetVC). Even though it’s the beginning of the calendar year, it’s mid-fiscal year for Microsoft. So, this event is essentially a catchup to talk about the latest developments in technology that could become more prominent in businesses in the next year or two. You can expect more, possibly newer, messaging like this at Microsoft’s in-person event, Microsoft Ignite, in September in Atlanta.

Here at Penton, we are extremely proud to be an official media partner for this event. Our live event page is live and waiting for the stream to commence. Bookmark the following page and stop back tomorrow at noon EST:

TechNet Virtual Conference 2016 Live Event Page

We’re not the only media partner, obviously, but we are probably the most appropriate partner in the mix, lending ourselves to delivering a non-journalistic, real-world take on the announcements. In the 24-hour news cycle world, it’s tough for some outlets to stay focused on what’s actually important to IT Pros. IT Pros want to be able to both understand how to prepare for the future and how to fix issues plaguing the current environment. Too many IT Pros are getting lost in the journalistic news junk and, unfortunately, important skills and techniques are suffering. You can’t run a proper environment solely on news and there are many journalists who have never worked in an IT organization yet are delivering content like they have.

Fortunately, our primary focus has always been the IT Pro. All of our Penton Tech sites (WindowsITPro, SQL Server Pro, SharePoint Pro, and Dev Pro) deliver How-to content produced by your IT Pro peers – folks who work in the IT world every day. The level of knowledge and experience among our content authors can be overwhelming, until you realize it’s spot-on what IT Pros actually need.

An event like TechNet VC is valuable. It gives you a broad perspective on the issues that you might face within your IT organization in the very near future. It’s great for planning and developing a vision for what your organization might look like in the years to come.

But, after this week is over, you’re still left with those same problems. That’s where IT/Dev Connections and our eLearning comes in.

IT/Dev Connections is a week-long conference in October, delivered by the experts in the various topics and topic themes. Already listed as one of the top DevOps conferences to attend in 2016, IT/Dev Connections topics include Cloud & Data Center, Data Platform & Business Intelligence, Enterprise Collaboration, Enterprise Mgmt, Mobility, & Security, and Development & DevOps. IT/Dev Connections is the best next step to an event like TechNet VC, which is why the partnership makes so much sense.

And, while IT/Dev Connections happens in October, you can still get some great, in-depth technical learning by checking out our expert led Online Training sessions. Our Online Training is delivered using the same strategy as our in-person education event, IT/Dev Connections. The classes are highly valuable, and expert led, not delivered by a bunch of journalists. Check out our upcoming classes:

WindowITPro Online Education