Mar 05 2018

71 IT/Dev Connections 2018 Sessions Submitted and Growing

I’m a stat nut. Web site traffic, the number of times something has downloaded, how much something has been liked or shared – it all matters to me. And, I know some of you are the same. Every year I get questions about how many session ideas have been submitted at a given point in … Continued

Mar 02 2018

Handy Links for Submitting Your IT/Dev Connections 2018 Sessions This Weekend

The weekend is probably the most popular time to submit sessions ideas for IT/Dev Connections 2018. We’ve had a lot of submissions already, but, if history is any judge, by the time Monday rolls around, we’ll be sifting through quite a few more. If you’ve been waiting all week, brainstorming your ideas, and now ready … Continued

Feb 28 2018

FAQ: Evolving Speaking Submission Ideas for IT/Dev Connections 2018

In addition to answering submission questions using the provided tips and guidelines for IT/Dev Connections 2018, we always receive a few other important questions that we’ll answer through this blog and in other places. In this case, and the one I’m addressing today, is one that speaks to how we handle incomplete session ideas. Or, … Continued

Feb 27 2018

Tips, tricks, and requirements for submitting to speak at IT/Dev Connections 2018

Taken from Session and Speaking Requirements. Speakers, welcome to IT/Dev Connections 2018! IT/Dev Connections 2018 is a deep-dive, technical event considered by its loyal community more as a weeklong training class. Our attendees expect highly technical content that focuses less on specific products and more on solving problems. This means that to have submissions reviewed and accepted they … Continued

Feb 08 2018

Introducing the Four Pillars of Content for IT/Dev Connections 2018

We take IT/Dev Connections pretty seriously, and work each year to improve and align the content with both the industry and what IT Pros and Developers have told us that they need. In keeping with that, this year we’re making another big change. I’ll be talking more about this as the weeks move forward, but … Continued

Feb 06 2018

How to Stay Connected with IT/Dev Connections for News and Announcements

We’re busy here in the background getting things ready to launch the Call for Content in a couple weeks and registration is already open (though we’re not really seriously promoting it yet to be nice to a couple other conferences). But, I know from many of you who have asked already, how can you keep … Continued

Jan 24 2018

Registration for IT/Dev Connections 2018 is Now Open!

We’ll make a lot bigger todo out of registration opening soon… including telling you about our new tracks this year (including a Security track!), better focus on what you need to know, even deeper dives than ever before, and an even more defined strategy to ensure you get exactly what you need to be a … Continued

Nov 28 2017

Sponsor Spotlight at IT/Dev Connections 2017

ITProToday has been delivering our Sponsor Spotlight articles. We had a wonderful group of sponsors for IT/Dev Connections 2017 and their participation was perfect. IT/Dev Connections really attracts the best sponsors. Learn about what our 2017 sponsors provide and why they choose IT/Dev Connections: Sponsor Spotlight: Code Two at #ITDevConnections Sponsor Spotlight: Fast Reports at … Continued

Nov 15 2017

Update on IT/Dev Connections 2017 On-demand Sessions

Over the past few days since the delivery of the on-demand sessions from IT/Dev Connections 2017, we’ve had a few inquiries about potential issues with a few sessions. The reported issues have all now been resolved. From our provider…   These two were flip flopped: 1043: TSQL Coding Techniques – Are you Playing with Fire?  … Continued

Nov 08 2017

IT/Dev Connections 2017 On-demand Sessions Go Live on Thursday

Just a quick update about the on-demand sessions from IT/Dev Connections 2017. As you know, all sessions were recorded. Those that bought an All-access pass, and our speakers, will all have access to the recordings. An email will be sent from the production company on Thursday, November 8th (tomorrow) with information about how to log … Continued