You may have heard over the past couple days, but Intel is cancelling its large developer conference. The reason? The bottom line is that Intel is being smart. Intel has figured out what we’ve been professing for a few years and that is that these large, oversold vendor conferences are dying on the vine and the smaller, boutique community events are leading the charge once again. Intel will instead hold small events, workshops, and participate in trade shows to highlight its technologies and connect with customers.

And, that’s great for IT/Dev Connections because it confirms our belief that a right-sized event is ultimately more valuable than a keynote-driven conference. We’ve consciously kept our attendance numbers flat because of this very reason. While we are one of the larger boutique conferences available (primarily due to the expanse of topic coverage), we’re still right-sized to ensure ultimate value for our attendees. This allows us to offer a very personal experience for each and every attendee and guarantee that attendees will get the deepest, richest education experience all year.

Of course, the smaller events were always popular, but the glitz and the glamor of the massive vendor conferences lured many attendees for a time – that is, until those attendees had had enough of the carnival experience.

You won’t get lost in a crowd at IT/Dev Connections. You get immediate and direct connection with speakers, attendees, sponsors, and the conference team.

We look forward to seeing you this year!