I just wanted to drop a quick note to let everyone know that I’ll be making the announcement for the public call for speakers/sessions extremely soon.

Many of you have either emailed me directly, emailed the ITDC support address, or hit me up over social media wondering when the public call for speakers would go live. And, understandably, a lot of you are/were worried that you somehow missed it. You can rest at ease. The announcement hasn’t been made yet, but it will happen very soon. In fact, my itchy click finger is hovering impatiently over the mouse button right now.

So, this is our fair warning to give you ample time to prep your session ideas and get ready to submit your proposals online.

To fill you in with a short backstory…

We had planned to rollout the public call a short while back, but then had to wait for a IT/Dev Connections site migration to complete. Part of that migration is a special, new event system – which includes an online speaker/session proposal form and an online self-serve tool for accepted speakers. Once a session is approved, speakers can login anytime to update abstracts, BIOs, headshots, upload slide decks- everything. It’s pretty slick and I know you’ll love it.

That migration is now finished and we’re only waiting for our pre-approved sessions to go live. Once that is ready to go I’ll also make the public call announcement. We’re still in great shape, considering IT/Dev Connections 2016 doesn’t kick off until October.

Stay tuned! Exciting times ahead!


IT/Dev Connections 2016 is a deep-dive, technical event considered the “Anti-Keynote” conference – which essentially means we don’t force attendees to manually sift through fluff or marketing content, nor do we base the event on vendor messaging. This means that to have submissions reviewed and accepted they must follow specific guidelines:

  1. Make your title, abstract, and pitch attention grabbing and eye-catching.
  2. Plan your proposal to be a deeply technical experience. You can provide overview information to set context, but the bulk of each session should be designed to educate and provide information not found in other resources.
  3. Rely on your experience and expertise, not on product documentation.
  4. ITDC attendees want to hear how you would do it in the real-world, not how the vendor thinks their product should work.
  5. Prepare your sessions to be free-flowing, conversational, and interactive – more like a User Group meeting than a formal conference.
  6. Be open to allowing your audience to sometimes lead the conversation and direct the session.
  7. Be prepared to be engaging and architect your sessions to include audience feedback and questions.
  8. Be a teacher, not a preacher. There’s so much we can learn from each other.
  9. We have five distinct tracks for which you can submit content. The tracks are: Cloud & Data Center, Data Platform & Business Intelligence, Enterprise Collaboration, Enterprise Management, Mobility, & Security, and Development & DevOps.

Remember, too…we accept all-comers. There’s always a chance your submission won’t get accepted (usually due to duplicate topics and being inundated with the usual onslaught of speaker-hopefuls), but we are always looking for the next IT, Dev, and DevOps rock stars – meaning you don’t have to be a famous speaker with a well-oiled delivery to speak at IT/Dev Connections. Many of the speakers you’ve seen in our past years’ session catalogs got their start and honed their speaking abilities through our event network or by first delivering content in our eLearning courses.