We talk a lot about how IT/Dev Connections is such a rewarding conference for both developers and IT Pros. Essentially, its the only conference available that assumes the attendee already knows their way around technology and delivers content starting from that perspective. Most other conferences seems to approach the event believing they have to continue selling the technology, when attendees are really only there to enhance their knowledge (well, and get T-shirts).

IT/Dev Connections will be supporting a small MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainers) event soon (we’ll be announcing that shortly) and our discussions have revealed a side-effect of our deep-dive conference strategy – that IT/Dev Connections is also a valuable and rewarding conference for MCTs.

We already have a number of expert MCTs on-hand speaking each year and this year is no exception. Its too late for more MCTs to speak this year (mark your calendar – we’ll be holding the request for submissions in early 2018), but there’s still a lot of value for MCTs to just attend.

Here’s some reasons why IT/Dev Connections makes sense for MCTs to attend…

  1. Promote your MCT capabilities through speaking (if you’re speaking this year – or plan to speak next year).
  2. Promote your MCT capabilities to the community. IT/Dev Connections is architected to ensure maximum networking exposure.
  3. Connect directly with attendees and speakers alike. You won’t get lost in a crowd at IT/Dev Connections.
  4. Hone your MCT skills. Even if you register as just attendee, you’ll be able to sit in on sessions from some of the top MCTs in the industry. And, unlike other conferences where its so difficult to connect with the speakers, IT/Dev Connections makes it easy on purpose.
  5. Learn the most current deep-dive information to share with your own audience. IT/Dev Connections is actually the first place after Microsoft Ignite to be able to learn about the technologies announced there that were embargoed. Our MCT and MVP speakers are finally able to teach about the technology features that were under deep NDA prior to Microsoft Ignite.
  6. All-access pass holders for IT/Dev Connections get access to all recorded sessions and session collateral like slide decks – so you can continue to build out and improved your lesson plans.