IT/Dev Connections is designed to deliver very specific technical training for today’s developer and IT professionals. Its not a conference where most of your questions can be answered in a vendor marketing slick. What we provide is a deep level experience with the actual products to ensure you walk away with the skills and knowledge to do your job better.

Early on during our event transition in 2013, IT/Dev Connections was likened to a real conference but with a User Group feel – meaning that our sessions are sometimes led by the discussion that happens in real-time through participant questions. In most cases the company is paying for attendance and to get the best value the attendee needs to be able to go back to work and solve the biggest problems. And, there’s only one way to accomplish that and that’s by creating an environment where its easy (and expected) to ask questions.

IT/Dev Connections already makes it easy to do this in a number of ways through networking, community events, and relaxed sessions. But, we’ve also incorporated one other feature this year to ensure attendees are able to both connect with our speaker community and to ask them anything. We call these Ask the Experts sessions. This new feature is like a real-world AMA (Ask Me Anything) regularly hosted by Microsoft and others on Reddit and other places. But, the beauty of this real-world setting is that you, the attendee, become the center of attention to ensure your questions are solved. And, the way we’ve scheduled these new sessions, you can stick around afterward and get one-on-one time with our speakers.

Through the Ask the Expert sessions, attendees can bring those unsolved problems and our experts will help resolve them. Attendees can even use the time to clarify things heard at other sessions during the week.

Each IT/Dev Connections 2017 track has its very own Ask the Experts (ATE) session. Here’s the schedule:

Our Track Chairs are busy adding panelists for each ATE session – some are full up already – so keep watching for the full list of experts on each ATE page.

Also, we realize that many of you attend IT/Dev Connections with a specific topic goal, but, we invite you to take advantage of each ATE session. So much of today’s technology is consumed in various ways so cross-training is a definite professional requirement.

The full list of ATEs is always available here: