For those that couldn’t make IT/Dev Connections 2016 you missed out on the big announcement during our kick-off community event.

IT/Dev Connections 2017 will be in San Francisco at the Hilton Union Square. The response to this announcement was overwhelmingly positive. San Francisco is already a great location with lots to do in the surrounding area, but the Hilton Union Square doubles the excitement as it’s a fantastic location for conferences.


And, don’t worry…we’re already planning to ensure IT/Dev Connections retains its crown as providing the best conference food anywhere. You don’t go hungry or have to eat plastic-tasting food here.

We’ll be publishing a location guide over the next few months to give you a little insight into what you can do on the wharf and near the Bay. San Francisco is one of my top 5 favorite cities and it’s a great location if you like to run for exercise.

We’re also planning to add some additionally unique new features to IT/Dev Connections 2017 including a new Professional track (by huge demand), new conference scheduling options, and even an organized spouse track.

Spouse track? – you ask. Yep. Stay tuned. We’ll be filling in the details over the coming months right here on the conference blogs.

Each year we hear that THIS YEAR was the best year yet. You don’t realize the pressure that puts on us. But, we have it easy – we just listen to your feedback and suggestion. And, we have the opportunity to act on all of your suggestions because we’re not one of those huge mega-conferences that only select feedback if it aligns with messaging. We care about ALL your feedback. And, this is why our conference rating numbers continue to skyrocket very year.

There’s LOTS of exciting things to come. Through your attendance, your comments, your conference ratings, and your suggestions – things will continue to grow better and better.