If you look through the session catalog of most vendor-owned conferences these days, you’ll see a dramatically familiar thread. Its all about the cloud. And, for good reason. These vendors are making dramatic shifts in their business and are hoping their customers will go along with them on the journey. There’s no question, strategy for moving forward with technology in business must have an element of reviewing cloud options. But, in the real world, businesses are still managing and supporting a majority of on-premises technology systems. When a company sends an employee to a technical conference they expect to receive value in that current problems get solved and the existing infrastructure will work better, all while also learning strategy for the future.

At IT/Dev Connections, we ensure that the mixture of cloud and on-premises is just right. We’re not here to sell the cloud, only to ensure that when attendees leave they are educated on the options. This recipe gives our attendees a choice. At IT/Dev Connections an attendee can go “all in” and focus solely on the cloud, they can combine cloud and on-premises through a hybrid focus, or they can choose to learn to manage their current environment better.

Additionally, because we’re not vendor-owned, our sessions cover all the cloud options available today, including those we know are used in production daily.

Through our strong community, we deal directly with businesses and technology leadership which gives us the best understanding of the needs of our attendees.