If you’re looking for a solid technical conference to attend to hone your DevOps skills and continue evolving your company’s DevOps strategy, you can find the shortlist here:

Top 15 DevOps Events in 2018

We’re happy to make lists like this each year. We began focusing more on the combination of operations and development processes a couple years back and now continually make lists like these. Our big advantages over the other conferences in the list is that we’re an educational conference (not a high-level product reveal event) that works hard to deliver just the right mix of applicable content, have a truly strong networking community, and the delivering schedule. People sometimes don’t tend to think about the how the time of year for a conference is critically important. There are a lot of attendees that can only attend one conference per year. If they choose to attend a conference in the beginning or middle of the year, they miss out on the freshest and most vetted learning opportunities.