We’re excited to announce that the Microsoft Azure Engineering Team, led by Rick Claus, will be onsite at IT/Dev Connections 2018! 

The team will be delivering sessions during the week, but also be on-hand the entire week and easily accessible to answer any questions you might have about Azure, the cloud, Microsoft, or to help solve any issue that will help you return to work as the hero you are. 

Many of you know Rick Claus from the wildly popular Patch and Switch podcast with Joey Snow, his work with Channel 9 at Microsoft conferences and possibly even his work with IT/Dev Connections over the past few years. Rick is now leading an Azure team at Microsoft and we’re happy to announce today that Rick will be serving as our keynote speaker this year! Rick’s keynote is still coming together, but what he’s shared with me so far shows it will be visionary, timely, and recommended for those that want to extend their career as an IT Pro, a Developer and in the DevOps world.  Fantastic! 

IT/Dev Connections kicks off VERY SOON! The conference runs October 15 – 18, 2018 in Dallas, TX. If you’re not registered yet – do it today! http://itdevconnections.com  

There’s a LOT of Azure coverage at IT/Dev Connections 2018, but here’s what else you can expect just from Rick and his team during the week… 


Rick Claus 

Keynote: Ops is More Than Just DevOps  

When you hear the word Ops right now, it’s natural to think of DevOps in our IT industry. DevOps is about the culture, processes and teams involved in modern application deployment. It’s NOT the re-organization or replacement of the IT Operations team. There is a future for Ops despite Serverless technologies or CI/CD Pipelines. Modern IT Operations is a hybrid approach based on sound principles and a tribal knowledge of your organization’s environment. Now is the time to influence how we shape this and how you can contribute. Let’s take some time to reflect on what our options are and where we should be making personal investments.  


Simple Tweaks to be Relevant in a Cloud World 

This “cloud thing” is not going away. What adjustments can you do in your life-long-learning path as an IT Operations person to take advantage of the current industry transition to hyperscale cloud environments? Join Rick Claus has he shares technical tweaks that have worked for him and nuggets of knowledge he discovered from 20+ years of on-premises know how that are somehow still magically relevant in this cloud world. 

This will be a fast paced humorous demo session where Rick will be sharing all the resources used throughout the session as well as introducing a team of Cloud Ops Advocates to keep in touch with after the conference. 


Pierre Roman 

Architecting Single Points of Failure? Sorry, Don’t Blame the Platform! 

When you need to build and run highly available services on Microsoft Azure infrastructure you need to plan and deploy with HA in mind.  In this session we will cover HA design, Availability Zones, Availability Sets, Managed Disks, recent Azure Virtual Machines availability improvements, different kinds of load balancing and how to make them work for you. Learn how to build systems with low impact during planned changes ad outages. 

Come check it out.  If you’re not busy with a downed system. 



Neil Petersen 

Introduction to Kubernetes – Beyond Hello World 

Kubernetes continues to grow in popularity as a way to manage containers. In this session, we will take an in-depth look at Kubernetes, with the goal answering these questions: – What is container scheduling and why is it important? – How does Kubernetes facilitate running containers at scale? – How do I get started with Kubernetes? – How do I run a real-world workload on Kubernetes? – What are some advanced Kubernetes features that make it appealing? 


Automating Azure with PowerShell – Beyond the Azure PowerShell Module 

Azure and PowerShell are a big deal, no question about it. However, are you aware that PowerShell capability in Azure IaaS extends well beyond what can be performed with the Azure PowerShell module? This session will detail the many ways in which one can engage with Azure and Azure virtual machines using PowerShell. This session will detail demonstrate the following features: Azure PowerShell Module, Azure VM DSC extensions, Azure VM Custom Script Extension and Azure Automation. We will quickly ramp you up on everything you need to select and use one or many options for Azure VM automation and configuration using PowerShell. 



Anthony Bartolo 

Building a Better Mousetrap: Deploying and Managing IoT Solutions for ITPros 

This session provides tactical guidance to IT pros on how to deploy and manage their IoT solutions in the enterprise, on-premises, in Microsoft Azure or on Azure Stack. Special emphasis is placed on making IoT relevant to the IT pro audience through end-to-end demos of IoT solution accelerators, device provisioning, device management, data integration and management (even with serverless architectures), and much more.