We had such a wonderful time during out first annual Hackathon at IT/Dev Connections in 2017! The solutions created by our Hackathon teams were extraordinary and everyone had a great time participating.

We’ve now finalized the details for the IT/Dev Connections 2018 Hackathon and I wanted to share with all of you.

Our goal this year is to create an Enterprise-class disaster preparation/reaction service. I’ll share much more in detail during the kick-off meeting on Monday, October 15, directly after the keynote and opening reception around 8:30pm.

Project Goal: Teams will create a service that queries a national weather service API. It will then identify potentially dangerous weather (upcoming or immediate) in the region around the datacenter and alert the IT Pro or DevOps. Based on response by the IT Pro or DevOps, data is backed-up (duplicated) to another Azure or AWS region, or/and replicated to the other cloud platform for redundancy in the event one service goes down completely. 

EXTRA CREDIT: Enable your solution to utilize Alexa voice services for notifications, warnings about upcoming weather, and the ability to automate the process using voice. We will have a few Echo Dots on-hand to loan to teams for testing.  

Prizes! The winning team will receive bragging rights, a trophy, and each winning team member will win a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

We’ll have a way for you to register to participate onsite, but we’re also offering the ability to pre-register.

Pre-register for the Hackathon here: https://get.knect365.com/it-dev-connections-hackathon-sign-up/