The weekend is probably the most popular time to submit sessions ideas for IT/Dev Connections 2018. We’ve had a lot of submissions already, but, if history is any judge, by the time Monday rolls around, we’ll be sifting through quite a few more.

If you’ve been waiting all week, brainstorming your ideas, and now ready to transform those ideas in submitted sessions, here’s some links to keep handy:

Session and Speaking Requirements – here you’ll find some excellent tips to get your submissions noticed and save time having to modify them later.

Submission page – this is the actual submission page where you supply your title, abstract, etc.

Speaker Login – yes…even our submission system requires a user account. But, good news! You only have to create an account once and you can then log back in (using this page) to submit more, modify what you’ve already submitted, and then, later on, upload your draft and final slide decks.

Have fun! And, we’re looking forward to seeing all those weekend submissions!