What a wonderful, wonderful week in San Francisco! I say it every year, but IT/Dev Connections 2017 was the best year yet. We’ll be delivering some quotes and content from our attendees and speakers over the next few weeks to give those that couldn’t attend a sense of what they missed. The responses have been overwhelming, to say the least. We believe we have a solid conference full of great content and excellent speakers, but to hear attendees literally gush over it is redeeming. This year we saw almost 50% new attendees. So, to have both alumni and newbie alike provide such high praise is almost unheard of.

We announced during the conference that anyone who wanted to sign-up onsite to be notified when 2018 registration started would be given a significant registration discount. We were overwhelmed by the response. There’s quite a significant number people already signed-up for that.

We’ve now opened up the 2018 web site, which also offers an option to be notified over email when registration opens up (which will be very soon).

Just go here: http://itdevconnections.com

Over the next couple months we’ll be sharing some of the modest changes we’ll be making for the 2018 conference in Dallas, Texas. We’re already trying to figure out how to infuse some of the local fare and flair into the community and networking events to make the conference even more memorable. Stay tuned.

We’re looking forward to once again deliver what you have said is the best conference for IT Pros and developers.