If you missed the news that we’re hosting a Hackathon this year for IT/Dev Connections 2017, then you haven’t been following along. The kickoff on Monday night was extraordinary and exciting. We have four teams participating this year. You can follow along on Twitter with the #ITDevConnections hashtag.

Teams went directly to planning strategy and working on the proposed project of creating one of the first real Enterprise-class skills for Alexa.

Here’s our teams for this year:

Team Voldemort
Dan Sherman
Roger Truss
Eriq VanBibber
Blake Dunn
Team Enterprise Winners
Andrew Fitzpatrick
Brian Globerman
William Barron
Team Ramen
Kathryn Donegan
Jonas Nordlund
Steve Jesok
Zach Sattler
Team Arrested Developers 404
Jeremias Salinas
Galen Bancroft
George Scapin