In addition to answering submission questions using the provided tips and guidelines for IT/Dev Connections 2018, we always receive a few other important questions that we’ll answer through this blog and in other places. In this case, and the one I’m addressing today, is one that speaks to how we handle incomplete session ideas.

Or, rather…

I know what I want to talk about, but jeez – the industry changes so quickly – anything I submit today may change completely by the time IT/Dev Connections 2018 kicks-off in October!

Good news. We are very relaxed about this. In fact, when you submit your session ideas, remember that these are essentially framework or placeholder ideas of what you are proposing to talk about at the conference. We know how fast this industry moves and how quickly products, features, and workloads are changed and new ones are introduced. We also understand that there are a slew of new product features that remain under NDA until the beginning of the last fiscal quarter each year.

Its for these reasons that we don’t mind last minute frantic changes and slide additions.

So…no worries. Submit your best ideas and then plan to build those over time. What you submit today isn’t entirely set in stone and our Track Chairs will work with you throughout the process to ensure you deliver the best, most current and original content for IT/Dev Connections 2018.

Just make sure you fill out the require content fields so we have a good idea which direction you will be working toward.

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