In lieu of System Administrator Appreciation Day ( coming up on July 27, 2017 and for a little fun with a lot of reward, we have rolled out a Discover Your Technology SuperPower Sweepstakes. We already know that our IT Pros and Developers have powers unimagined by mortal men and women, but through our deductive magic you can get a glimpse of what your special “X” power would be should life take on all the aspects of a comic book.

The sweepstakes takes the form of a quiz containing questions developed by each of our Track Chairs for their respective topic areas. Some of the questions are softballs, while some may test and temper you. But, in the end, its all good fun and worth a few minutes to get entered to win an All-access pass to IT/Dev Connections 2017!

When you’re ready, participate here: Discover Your Technology SuperPower Sweepstakes

After you’ve taken the quiz yourself, make sure to pass it on to your colleagues. Who knows? By combining your powers you could be the next super power team. Your only dilemma is figuring out your special superhero name.