If you’ve been following along, you know that IT/Dev Connections is a very unique event and something you just can’t experience anywhere else. You could get approval to attend every single vendor-owned and vendor-led event this year and still not come close to finding the same value for your professional life – that is unless high level overviews and week-long marketing/sales meetings are your thing. (hey…some people love those – really)

I know from talking with many of you that you really want to attend IT/Dev Connections and you’re trying hard to get your manager’s approval. So, let me offer a couple things…

For off, we’re providing an Attendance Justification Letter. Download it, fill it out, and send it to your boss.

Secondly…here’s some tips you can use to negotiate…

  • Volunteer to share a short presentation, host a Q&A session or do 1-on-1 training to share what you learned with your colleagues.
  • Let your manager know that you will have access to all session handouts and recordings to share with your colleagues upon your return.
  • Note the many networking opportunities to network the conference provides and assure your boss that you’ll make new connections that may prove helpful for future business.
  • Offer to create a post-conference report that includes next steps to take advantage of what you learned during the educational sessions.
  • Be enthusiastic & confident about your request to attend… your boss will be more likely to agree that attending will benefit your company.
  • Focus on the specific skills and experiences you’ll gain that you can put into immediate action.