Yesterday, I wrote about some tips for helping get approval from your boss to attend IT/Dev Connections 2017. Read that HERE.

Directly after that post, one of our loyal sponsors, CodeTwo, sent me a quick email about one unique aspect of the conference that I accidentally overlooked sharing.

From¬†Szymon Szczesniak, CodeTwo’s Business Development Director…

I think you can add one more bullet. IT/Dev Connections gives attendees a chance to talk directly to community leaders and highly experienced tech people. This is something that you will never get a chance to do at Ignite or other big tech conferences as there are just too many people and everybody is always rushing somewhere. So IT/Dev Connections is the essence of each and every other IT conference + something unique other conferences simply do not have.

Thanks, Szymon! We truly appreciate our sponsors. CodeTwo has been a very valuable and very vocal supporter of IT/Dev Connections since the company started sponsoring our conference. CodeTwo has found a lot to like and IT/Dev Connections has become its annual event where it can reach potential customers directly.