Sep 19 2017

IT/Dev Connections is Thrilled to Sponsor the MCT Day – Orlando

We noted a few days ago how IT/Dev Connections is a wonderful conference for Microsoft Certified Trainers. There’s a bunch of reasons why, but essentially, because of our intent to deliver the best and deepest content available, it can also be considered a “train the trainer” conference. Read all the reasons here: IT/Dev Connections is a … Continued

Sep 14 2017

IT/Dev Connections 2017: Choose Your Own Cloud

If you look through the session catalog of most vendor-owned conferences these days, you’ll see a dramatically familiar thread. Its all about the cloud. And, for good reason. These vendors are making dramatic shifts in their business and are hoping their customers will go along with them on the journey. There’s no question, strategy for … Continued

Sep 13 2017

IT/Dev Connections 2017 with a Keen Eye on Operations Security

Because of our stable of expert, industry speakers and trainers at IT/Dev Connections 2017, you’ll find that there’s a very high level of attention and detail on technology security threaded throughout the sessions. From cloud to on-premises and development and operations, each speaker approaches their sessions to include addressing, bolstering, and maintaining security. In today’s business … Continued

Sep 11 2017

IT/Dev Connections is a Perfect Fit for MCTs

We talk a lot about how IT/Dev Connections is such a rewarding conference for both developers and IT Pros. Essentially, its the only conference available that assumes the attendee already knows their way around technology and delivers content starting from that perspective. Most other conferences seems to approach the event believing they have to continue … Continued

Sep 01 2017

Kent Agerlund Gives a Pre-IT/Dev Connections 2017 Webinar on Microsoft Patching

In the lead-up to IT/Dev Connections 2017 our speakers are working hard on finishing up their PowerPoint slides and presentations for their sessions. However, most of our speakers stay pretty busy beyond just what they develop for our conference. Recently, Kent Agerlund told you about his IT/Dev Connections 2017 sessions (see HERE) but he’s also … Continued

Aug 24 2017

ITDC 2017: Ask the Experts on Facebook Live

We announced recently a series of new community-driven sessions at IT/Dev Connections 2017 called Ask the Experts where attendees will be able to solve lingering work questions before heading off to home at the end of the week. We believe these sessions will be so powerful for the general community we are working to bring … Continued

Aug 24 2017

ITDC 2017: Track Chair Ami Casto on the Conference, Sessions, and Women in Tech

Ami is the chairperson for the entire Enterprise Management, Mobility, & Security (EMMS) track this year at IT/Dev Connections 2017. Ami has cultivated a wonderful track full of amazing, deep-dive content. See Ami’s own sessions: Check out the entire EMMS track: OH! And, today is Ami’s birthday, by the way. Happy birthday, Ami!