I’m a stat nut. Web site traffic, the number of times something has downloaded, how much something has been liked or shared – it all matters to me. And, I know some of you are the same.

Every year I get questions about how many session ideas have been submitted at a given point in time – and with the last weekend just closing out, here’s where we stand so far…

46 = completely submitted and ready for review

25 = in progress (saved as a placeholder to submit when ready)

Here’s how these break down per track…

24 = Cloud Platform

12 = Data Platform

22 = Developer Platform

4 = Security Platform

9 = Oops! Someone forgot to select a Track when submitting session ideas.

That’s a total (so far) of 71 sessions. That’s pretty fantastic for just the first week. We expect about 200 total sessions. Now, remember — these 71 that are either submitted or in progress still have to be vetted and reviewed by the Track Chairs.

And, as you can see… we are in dire need of Security experts to get on the ball and submit a whole slew of session ideas!