Today, I’m happy to announce and formally kick-off a very unique and rewarding program called “ITDC: Work to Win” that can get you a free conference pass to IT/Dev Connections 2016.

Starting today, if you sign-on as a Penton Tech IdeaXchange author and start contributing content across any of our tech sites (WindowsITPro, DevPro, SharePoint Pro, and SQL Server Pro), you’ll be entered to win a free conference pass to IT/Dev Connections 2016. If you work with any of the areas denoted in our 5 IT/Dev Connections 2016 tracks we have a spot for you. At the end of the contest we will pick one IdeaXchange author per tech site. That’s 4 free conference passes in total just for sharing knowledge and expertise.

IdeaXchange is basically a free blogging system across the Penton tech sites, except that you submit your content to us, we put it through a standard editing process, and we publish it for you. Essentially, we make you look good through our edits and take a lot of the work off your plate. You write, we publish. And, the more you write and the more you promote your own material, the better opportunity you have for winning.

Here’s how this works:

  1. Sign-up today to become an IdeaXchange Do this by contacting Penton Tech Content Director Michael Morisy to get started.
  2. We create a special author code for you that gets included at the bottom of each of your published submissions.
  3. When our readers click the specially coded link to the IT/Dev Connections web site and register, you get an additional entry into the raffle. The more who register using your author code, the more entries you get, increasing your chances to win the free conference pass.

So, think about this for a moment. We’re giving you the opportunity to do something extra monumental, but helping you down a path could actually turn into something more down the line. If you’ve ever wanted to be a published Penton Tech author this is your chance to show us your stuff and possibly get something really cool in the process. The more you publish and the more you promote your own content, the more likely readers are going to be to using your personal author code to register for IT/Dev Connections. Additionally, Penton will be doing it’s very best to promote your content over social media, through the RSS feeds, and in the daily and weekly newsletters.

One of the best things about participating in IdeaXchange is that you get the opportunity to build your online professional presence while showing your expertise and thought leadership to an immediately massive audience. These days, anyone can start a blog, but building an audience can take years. Fortunately, we have this massive audience already built and waiting for your contributions.

But, now, through our new, “ITDC: Work to Win,” program, you also get the chance to get something extra and immediately meaningful for your participation just by showing the world how smart you are. IT/Dev Connections is a totally unique conference, providing the deep, technical, learning content that other events can’t muster. It’s an event you’ll kick yourself if you don’t attend.

In the end, we all get something great from this new program. You get a start on a new publishing career and résumé credit and the possibility of attending the IT/Dev Connections 2016 conference for free. Penton gets to help you deliver some fantastic content to a massive audience. And, of course, IT/Dev Connections gets new attendees. Win. Win. Win.

We’ll be holding a public call for sessions and speakers soon and if you happen to be chosen to speak AND you win the “Work to Win” program, you can hand over your free conference pass to a colleague. As a winner, though, you can be sure we will treat you extra special during the IT/Dev Connections 2016 conference.

Interested in getting started? Contact Michael Morisy, the Content Directory for our Penton Tech sites, and let him know.

Already an IdeaXchange author? Ask Michael for your special author code and you can participate, too. The code doesn’t apply to past contributions, only new published content.

The free conference pass includes only attendance – it does not include travel or hotel.

The “ITDC: Work to Win” program ends September 1, 2016.

To gain a valid entry, visitors must register for ITDC. Just visiting the ITDC web site is not enough.