Feb 21 2017

IT/Dev Connections Proposal Submissions Closed, Next Steps

Here’s a tip for all you conference managers: Q: How do you almost double the number of speaking proposal submissions in a short period of time? A: Announce the deadline is only days away. If you’ve been following along, we extended submission acceptance over the weekend (originally scheduled to close on Friday) and were inundated … Continued

Feb 17 2017

ITDC 2017: What to Expect from the Data Platform & BI Track

For IT/Dev Connections 2017 we’re happy to have Track Chair alumni, Tim Ford, back to head-up and manage the content for the Data Platform and Business Intelligence track. Tim has been instrumental in leading this track for several years. From a personal perspective, I truly appreciate Tim’s ability, experience, and expertise to concoct a masterful … Continued

Feb 16 2017

ITDC 2017: What to Expect from the Enterprise Collaboration Track

Those that have attended IT/Dev Connections in the past know that the 2016 event was our first year where we merged two tracks. For the 2016 conference, we merged SharePoint and Exchange into a single Enterprise Collaboration track. This move was an important one for a couple reasons. First, we wanted to follow Microsoft’s lead. … Continued

Feb 13 2017

IT/Dev Connections 2017 Speaking Submissions: 1 Week to Go!

We’re just four days away from the deadline for submitting to speak at IT/Dev Connections 2017. The deadline is this Friday, February 17th. If you’ve not yet gotten in your session ideas, or haven’t yet gotten all the ideas you want for us to review, this is your call to action. Submit here: Speakers, welcome to IT/Dev … Continued

Feb 07 2017

ITDC 2017: What to Expect from the Development and DevOps Track

We’ve seen a big shift in how organizations operate over the last couple years, ensuring that companies are agile and the technology is fresh and sustainable. This is generally done through inducing a DevOps philosophy. So, as you can imagine one of our most exciting tracks at IT/Dev Connections is the Development and DevOps track. … Continued

Feb 06 2017

ITDC 2017: What to Expect from the Cloud and Datacenter Track

We’ve had a steady flow of new session ideas submitted since we launched open proposals. We’re currently at almost 300 session ideas. The deadline for submitting is February 17, so there’s still time to submit some great ideas, or continue to submit additional ideas if you’ve already started taken advantage of the opportunity. Check out … Continued

Feb 03 2017

Introducing ‘Blackout’ Sessions for IT/Dev Connections 2017

As the submissions for session ideas are continuing steadily (over 250 now!), we have some pretty cool announcements coming over the next couple weeks. These are things that we’ve been working on finalizing for a couple years now and things we’ll finally be offering this year as we make an already great conference even greater. … Continued