With over 400 session ideas submitted for IT/Dev Connection 2017, you think we’d be done, right?

Well, even with the enormous number of session ideas submitted, there’s been a constant and steady flow of new proposals submitted daily. And, we’ve also heard from many of you that you need just a little more time to finalize your thoughts.

Our originally communicated plan was to end submissions on Friday, February 17, 2017 – but after hearing from so many that need just a little more time, we’re going to leave submissions open during this upcoming weekend and the new (and final) deadline for acceptance is end of business on Monday, February 20, 2017.

We truly appreciate all of you who have submitted proposals already. The response has been overwhelming and we are honored to see such awesome support for our conference.

Our Track Chairs are excited to get started reviewing the final list and we’re excited to see such great content ideas submitted. The Track Chairs have to, somehow, sift through some of the best session ideas I think I’ve ever seen and pare them down to about 200 total sessions. I don’t envy that job at all. It’s difficult.

Once acceptance of new submissions is closed on Monday, our plan is to have the first draft of the official session list done in about 2 weeks. The final, official session catalog should hit the web site in about 3 weeks. We know you’re going to love it! Stay tuned for more information on this and a bunch of other cool things.

I’m positive that IT/Dev Connections 2017 is going to be the best year yet!

** Just hearing for the first time that the call for content for IT/Dev Connections 2017 is open?? Hey…it happens more often than you might think. Go here for details: Call for Content Launches for IT/Dev Connections 2017!