We’ve seen a big shift in how organizations operate over the last couple years, ensuring that companies are agile and the technology is fresh and sustainable. This is generally done through inducing a DevOps philosophy. So, as you can imagine one of our most exciting tracks at IT/Dev Connections is the Development and DevOps track.

Chander Dhall is no stranger to teaching developer concepts and he’s an IT/Dev Connections Track Chair veteran. And, I’m so glad to have Chander on board. His successful approach has really been a value to this area when it needed it most. With Chander’s help, the Development and DevOps track has grown substantially and has become an area where both IT Pros and Developers can merge together to learn how to build synergies for making technology work for any organization.

As John Savill did recently about his Cloud and Datacenter track, Chander has also put his thoughts together about how he expects his track to shape up this year.

From Chander…

This is the best time in the development industry. I’ve been working with a lot of clients in the areas of full stack software and web development and helping them with scalability and performance, as well as DevOps. Quite interestingly, there has been a sudden, noticeable shift where every development team, big or small, is now serious about the entire ecosystem of software development and are working towards being compliant.

With AI, DevOps, Mobile and Big Data being prominent, a full stack developer must upgrade his professional skillset to be an expert in at least two of the above, at the very least. These professional enhancements are a welcome change and running behind may not be the best thing for the career.

At IT/Dev Connections, we have a wide range of topics and experts who help attendees save time, teach lessons learned from mistakes made and then take it to the next level to ensure the opportunity to shift ahead of the competition. My track brings experts who are good at AI, DevOps, Big Data and full stack web development and have been successful over and over again.

In my mind, the major thing that sets IT/Dev Connections apart from every other conference is the speakers who are experts at what they do. These are not just evangelists who are paid to evangelize a certain technology. These are independent experts who share their true experiences. At the same time our speakers are willing to work with the attendees during and after the conference. I’ve personally made a lot of friends and have helped them free of any charge with mentoring over the last 5 years at IT/Dev Connections.

Potential speakers: There’s still time to submit any session ideas you might have to get a chance to speak at IT/Dev Connections 2017.

Potential attendees: If you’ve not experienced IT/Dev Connections yet – you’re truly missing out. IT/Dev Connections is an educational event where a week or learning is worth weeks of classroom training that costs your company stacks of money. The content is fresh, original, and deep-dive.

IT/Dev Connections 2017 runs from October 23-26 in San Francisco.