We’ve had a steady flow of new session ideas submitted since we launched open proposals. We’re currently at almost 300 session ideas. The deadline for submitting is February 17, so there’s still time to submit some great ideas, or continue to submit additional ideas if you’ve already started taken advantage of the opportunity. Check out THIS LINK to learn how to submit your proposals.

I’ve been monitoring the ones coming in and I must say that I’m already impressed enough to say that our 2017 conference is going to be even better than previous years. The content – the speakers – the depth of knowledge – it’s all brewing together to deliver a fantastic, must-attend IT/Dev Connections 2017. It amazes me how we continue to attract the top speakers and best content.

As the content continues to flow in, our Track Chairs are already readying their approach to the content once the proposal deadline ends. We’ve had discussions already (with more planned shortly) about what each track will focus on.

One of our Track Chairs, John Savill – who most of you have known for years in this industry and probably have attended a training session or two if his – has started outlining his approach to his track: Cloud and Datacenter.

I think what John has outlined is important for many of you just checking into our runaway conference hit and trying to understand what makes IT/Dev Connections such a fan favorite.

John wrote up the following and think it really speaks to the clarity about what you can expect for the Cloud and Datacenter track this year…

Without a doubt, the adoption of the cloud is impacting every organization – especially the traditional IT admin – and it is vital to really understand what the cloud actually is, what it means to your organization and how you help adopt it the right way.

A greater portion of services than ever before will be hosted in the public cloud. This will require changes to the processes being utilized to provision services. For many organizations who are, for the first time, using automation and service catalogs to offer services this will be an educational transition. Platform as a Service and containers will also change how IT services are consumed and expectations from the business will be very different than just the old “give me a VM” mentality.

Our track (Cloud and Datacenter) will be focused on equipping the audience with everything they need to be successfully now and over the coming years by providing the information needed to help the audience make the right choices and to develop the right architectures. The story for this track will cover all organizations from the mom and pop shops through large enterprise. Some examples of content you can expect to see are:

  • Types of cloud service
  • Implementing a hybrid solution
  • How to enable simple, single pane of glass management
  • How to use your existing management solutions in better ways
  • How to provide DR for your organization in the most efficient way
  • Why you care about containers and why they really aren’t that bad

And on top of all that we expect to bring the latest technical information about the cloud and datacenter technologies you expect to hear about including Windows Server, Hyper-V, System Center, OMS, AWS, and more!

IT/Dev Connections features the best speakers from all over the world who are passionate about technology, who USE the technology in the real world and can communicate all the information you need in a way that can be easily consumed and implemented.

Our other Track Chairs are also currently formulating their approach to their specific tracks and I’ll share those over the next few weeks. For now, you can sift through the track descriptions to get a good understanding what each track is about: Getting to Know the IT/Dev Connections 2017 Tracks