As the submissions for session ideas are continuing steadily (over 250 now!), we have some pretty cool announcements coming over the next couple weeks. These are things that we’ve been working on finalizing for a couple years now and things we’ll finally be offering this year as we make an already great conference even greater.

This year we are introducing ‘Blackout’ sessions. What are Blackout sessions?

IT/Dev Connections attendees know that we record every technical session delivered during conference. We make these available to attendees for up to a year after the conference. This allows attendees to glean continual value, ensuring that IT/Dev Connections’ valuable content can be use all year long. Some attendees use this feature to go back and clarify information. Some use it to catch things they might have missed during a session. But, since there’s just SO MUCH technical education going on from dawn to dusk, most attendees use this feature to listen in on sessions they missed during the week because they chose a different session during that timeslot. That’s one of the things that make IT/Dev Connections so valuable. Attendees don’t have to stress out about which session to choose. Just choose one and catch another one later from the on-demand recording.

Blackout sessions are sessions that we DO NOT record. Why?

There are a number of speakers who would love to share NDA information with attendees, but hold back because of fear of being recorded. To make it easier for those speakers (usually program managers from big vendors) to talk without worry, we’ve created Blackout sessions. These sessions will not be recorded so you can expect to learn things that you will not hear anywhere else – things that will probably have a major impact on your company’s planning, but definitely on how you develop your infrastructure. Alternatively, if you miss one of these sessions it will not be available for playback.

We’ve had many speakers over the past couple years says things like: “I’d love to talk about this – but my company won’t let me because you record every session” or “I have some really cool things I’m doing at my company but its under NDA – if only you didn’t record every session.” Blackout sessions also allow the speakers to tag their session confidential and feel free to deliver  very forthright, unadulterated content.

Look for sessions labeled as Blackout sessions this year in the IT/Dev Connections 2017 guide.

First rule of Blackout Sessions…