IT/Dev Connections has an awesome community of speakers, for sure. And, we’re really fortunate that these folks are chosen from a peer group of the most inventive and expert minds in the industry. To get better acquainted with our speakers, we like to highlight some additional ways you can take advantage of their knowledge in a series called “Getting to Know You” (GTKY).


IT/Dev Connections 2016 speakers Kent Agerlund and Peter Daalmans have co-authored a book on the Enterprise Mobility Suite. Appropriately titled, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite: Planning and Implementation, the book is 414 pages full of guidance, strategy, and implementation of Microsoft’s solution in the world of device management.

From the description:

If your job is managing iOS, Android, or Windows devices, this book is for you. You will find practical guidance based on our many years of real-world experience managing mobile devices around the world. This book provides you with detailed step-by-step instructions, as well as decision-making guidance and explanations that provide answers on the whys and how’s around modern device management using Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite and System Center Configuration Manager. The book also includes many real-word notes and troubleshooting tips and tricks.

Both Kent and Peter are experts in the mobility management field, so I’m positive this book will absolutely provide the best, in-depth coverage a book can. The only better solution, of course, is to attend IT/Dev Connections 2016 to hear both Kent and Peter directly on this topic. Both will be on-hand during the week so you can pick their brains when you have clarification questions.

The book is currently only available in printed form and runs about $45. Check it out:

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite: Planning and Implementation