A new report from UK-based professional IT talent firm, Experis, shows yet another example of a growing trend. Just a couple weeks ago I talked about the problems IT Pros are facing in relation to growing their skillsets for modern IT and how IT/Dev Connections provides the optimum solution to help train and retain talent. That approach came as a result of a report from UpWork, global freelancing service.

The Experis report takes the view from across the table, that is, from the perspective of the IT manager. Melding the message from the two different reports shows the story from both sides is careening together in a historic, almost scary, fashion. Rarely does IT staff and IT management see eye-to-eye over this topic.

The Experis’ report approach is this…

Our latest report, Tomorrow’s Tech Teams implies that current IT teams are a long way off meeting this business demand. Research reveals that IT leaders think their departments are four years behind their most innovative competitors. And, they believe over a quarter (29%) of their teams need to be replaced in order to achieve digital transformation. This is because 67% of IT leaders say they currently lack the balance of IT skills required to provide these digital services. 

The earlier report from UpWork in IT/Dev Connections Helps Train and Retain Talent, said this…

  • 97 percent of IT Pros believe that knowing the latest skills is essential.
  • 95 percent of IT managers know that the latest skills are essential to retain IT staff.
  • 70 percent surveyed believe that technology is moving way too fast to keep up without proper training.

And, here’s a big one…

  • 89 percent of IT workers surveyed said they’d consider leaving their position for better training opportunities elsewhere.

So, it seems that IT staff and IT management are inadvertently synchronizing their focus in the area of building required skillsets and knowledge. Fortunately, IT/Dev Connections provides a big piece to the puzzle of how to make this happen.

IT/Dev Connections is not a boutique event focused on a single product or a single vendor solution. IT/Dev Connections is a real conference, designed to deliver an environment that is highly focused on education for the digital age. Sporting five distinct tracks covering all aspects of business IT, IT/Dev Connections allows attendees to focus on a specific area or to cross-train to become comfortable with skills essential to a growing and innovative business.

IT/Dev Connections runs October 10-13 at the ARIA resort in Las Vegas.



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